What will you teach?

For many people, the hardest part of becoming a self-employed teacher is choosing what to teach. A skill inventory is a good first step.  Try answering these questions to uncover your hidden talents.

1. What activities or interests are you passionate about in your life?

2. Do you have a unique talent?

3. What did you study in school?

4. What were your favorite subjects?

5. What types of knowledge or skill have you gained from work experience?

6. Have you had any additional special training beyond what you’ve received at work or in school?

7. Have you ever published or sold any creative or academic work such as articles, stories, poetry, songs, artwork, crafts, or culinary creations?

Using your answers to the questions above, make a list of all of the areas you could possibly teach, no matter how far-fetched. Give yourself ten minutes, and write down every thought you have, no matter how outlandish it may seem.  When you are finished, sort through the results.  You might just discover a hidden talent that could be the perfect start to the new self-employed you!

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