Entrepreneurship is Ours Too

I recently watched a video of the new flying car from a startup called Kitty Hawk, and it got me thinking. So much of the business news in Silicon Valley comes from tech companies that it is easy to forget that only a small percentage of entrepreneurs are tech entrepreneurs. People joke that if you throw a stone in Silicon Valley you will hit a tech startup CEO. You are just as likely to hit a self-employed teacher, restaurant owner, consultant, real estate agent, accountant, attorney, interior designer, store owner, graphic designer, or tutor. We work just as hard as the techies, though perhaps without the glamour.

When you are small and independent and don’t have a million dollars to fund your public relations or marketing team, you have to be scrappy. Being scrappy means you work hard, accept that you may not get noticed, and keep trying anyway. Just remember that when you are working your butt off quietly on your own, there are millions of others just like you working right along side you.

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