Don’t Let Your Feelings Run Your Business

Don’t be your worst enemy.  Don’t let your feelings get in the way of real progress on your business.

Like many things in life, our business reality and the way we “feel” about our business are often not the same thing.  I remember being particularly frustrated one month because I felt that my business was stuck. We hadn’t had any new customers for a few weeks, and my to-do list was looking increasingly irrelevant. Then I checked the numbers. Contrary to my assumptions, we were actually making more money than ever before.  I had also forgotten about the three clients who were up for contract renewal in the coming week. I was so focused on my mood that I had completely overlooked my success.

To avoid letting your emotions control your business, follow this 3-step plan:

1. Check yourself. Next time you are frustrated, double check to see if your feelings are valid.  Feeling like your revenue is down?  Check your numbers.  Chances are that you have forgotten about a recent success.

2. Review your progress. Dig out an old email or to-do list from when you first started your business.  Reread the content and compare it with your current situation. Marvel at your own progress.

3. Get something done. Sometimes just completing a simple task on your to-do list, cold-calling a potential customer, writing a blog post, or just cleaning up your office can alleviate feelings of frustration or sluggishness.

How do you keep your emotions in check?

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  1. Denise D. says:

    I drink. Heavily.

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