Three Marketing Keywords Tutors Need to Succeed

To successfully market your tutoring or teaching services you need three things. Before I tell you what they are, I want you to take a moment and think about why marketing is difficult. Almost every self-employed teacher or tutor I’ve met has asked me how we find our students. Usually, this is the wrong question. There are a million ways to “find” students. That is not the big marketing problem for most self-employed teachers.

Your tutor business marketing problemNo, the big marketing problem is this: Many self-employed tutors and teachers lack focus, repetition, and persistence when it comes to marketing.

Admit it. You know who your potential students are. You know how to reach them (talking to current students, asking for referrals, advertising, using a matching service, posting on Craigslist…to name just a few). What you really have trouble with is focus, repetition, and persistence. Here is my 3-step plan.

1. Focus. Think about how you found your current students. Do more of that.

2. Repeat. Marketing takes time. Once is rarely enough.

3. Persist. About the time you are completely sick of doing the same marketing task over and over again, you should expect to start seeing results. If you don’t persist, you will never see the fruits of your labor. You already know it is a good method since you have used it successfully in the past. Just keep at it.

There it is. You don’t need new marketing ideas; you just need focus, repetition, and persistence. Happy marketing!

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