The Puzzling Nature of Business

My wife and I just finished assembling a 1500 piece, black-and-white puzzle. Simultaneously frustrating and rewarding, the parallels to business are remarkable. Here is what I discovered:

Puzzles are like business1. Some pieces take a few seconds; other pieces can take a really, really long time to fall into place.

2. Sometimes, you have to make a lot of mistakes and false starts before you find the right fit.

3. Having the final picture in mind when you start can go a long way toward helping you finish.

4. Mistakes can be just as valuable as successes.

5. Sometimes you need to walk away for a while and come back when you’re ready.

6. Often, the seemingly obvious move doesn’t work. When that happens, you just have to keep trying.

7. Getting organized is essential to working efficiently.

8. Patience and persistence.

9. Patience and persistence.

10. Patience and persistence.

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