Technology for Teachers

Here is a list of technology and technology concepts for self-employed teachers.  If you are an educator in business for yourself, you should at least be aware of these technologies.  I will be adding technologies to this page as I have time.  Feel free to send us your own suggestions. We would love to hear from you.


WordPress is a free software program that allows you to write a blog and host the blog on your own server.  The blog is built on WordPress.  You can get your own copy at If you don’t want to mess with servers or hosting, you can let them host your blog for you.  Just visit the full-service site at

Google Docs

Create a document for free online.  Invite other people to visit the document and edit it with you.  You can view previous versions, control who can view/edit, and export or print the document as needed.  This is a great way to co-author a book or develop a curriculum.  You can also have your students collaborate on a number of different projects using this free technology.

Facebook vs. LinkedIn vs. Twitter

Facebook = The best way to keep in touch with friends and family.
LinkedIn = The best place for professional networking and job searching.
Twitter = The best way to get answers from and share information with people you DON’T know.


Eventbrite allows you to post free or paid events, publicize those events, create multiple ticket types and discount codes, and track attendance.  I have been using Eventbrite for years with great success.

Meetup allows you to create online interest groups that meet in person.  This is a great way to build a community around your services.  As an example, check out our Self-Employed Teacher Meetup Group here.


MailChimp is the newest (and in my opinion the best) of the email marketing platforms out there.  Other options include ConstantContact and VerticalResponse. Build an email list and keep your list members updated on your services. Or, be helpful and create an email newsletter that is creative and informative.


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