Step One: Choose to Start

What do I do first to start my teaching business? I get this question more than any other. It’s a good question. What do you do? Do you open a bank account? Do you buy an advertisement in the local paper? Do you build a Website? Do you get a business license?

The answer is simple. The first step to starting a teaching business is to decide to start. You need to make a commitment to working hard until you are making money. Without this upfront commitment, nothing else you do will matter. You will second-guess yourself each step of the way. Second-guessing your decision to start your business in the first 12 months is the fastest way to fail. Don’t do it. Make the decision now and stick to it.

Once you have made your decision, take $200 from your personal bank account and put it into an envelope labeled “my business.” There, you have started your business. This money is for your business, not for your groceries or a new shirt or for paying your Netflix bill. You will eventually use this money to fund your business bank account and to pay for your business license, business cards, and other small expenses, but for now, put the money into an envelope and don’t spend it. You are not allowed to spend it until you get your first paying student.

Stay tuned for step two.

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